Cathy Arc

 ❤  Cathy Arc is a young Movie Director, Editor, Film Restorer, creative professional and a one of the interesting life experience.

Cathy Arc was born 25 July 1975 in Moscow, Russia, into a family of scientists, researchers and professors. The family initially belongs to European and Сauсasian aristocracy of mixed ancestry and has over 10 different roots/countries of origin; most of the family branches profess Christianity and belongs to Roman Catholic confession. Cathy was growing up in Europe and Russia, in different places where her parents have been working. 

Cathy Arc has been studying classic vocal in Music Conservatory; graduated Moscow Music Conservatory as a Choir Conductor; Academy of Dramatic Arts as an Actress and a Movie Historian; Academy of Law as a Master of International Civil Law. Later on she has become a Doctor of Arts and a professor of Cinematography in the Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Cathy has worked as a fashion model for five years on the long-term contracts with the modeling agencies in Paris, Milan and Singapore; sang in a girls band; played in theater where she made her début in a double role of Viola and Sebastian in “Twelfth Night”, a comedy of Shakespeare; made an appearance in “Master and Margarita” 1994 film by the famous novel of Mikhail Bulgakov and in mini-series on Italian TV. She has also had experience of working as a conductor of chorus in Catholic Cathedral as well as an invited conductor of the Big Academic Choir for the Festival of Western Christian Music. In the recent years she has worked a lot as an invited consultant on TV and Radio; also wrote for the art magazines. Lately she has worked as a Professor of Cinematography at the Faculty For Dramatic Arts in Moscow. 

During the last two years Cathy Arc has been working on a series of videos which can be named a video tributes to the movies and actors and correspond to professional movie montage/ video editing on the base of the old films. After two years of the Internet video rotation on such sites as YouTube and Vimeo she was discovered by The Film on Film Foundation (FOFF) association whose mission is to promote a film as a living art form by screening works from its history and stimulating its continued use in production and exhibition, where she has started her professional career as a movie editor and film restorer:

Later on she has also continued at The Film Foundation:

She was also discovered by Cinely:

Cathy Arc is currently working on the script of her first movie and some other projects which are in pre-production. She is also supposed to be a Director Assistant on the forthcoming films.

Being a real cosmopolitan Cathy Arc has lived, studied and worked in over 15 countries on 2 continents; currently lives in Moscow and lots in other places.


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